I would like to congratulate some of my current and past students for their 2016 successes:

Vera Santamira for getting staffed on Community.  Erika Green for getting staffed on The Mentalist Tamara Carter for getting staffed on ABC’s ForeverRenee Gilbey for being hired onto the TV show, Hard Rock MedicalDiana Mendez for writing an episode of TNT’s Rizzoli and IslesEric Trueheart for having the show he developed with Dreamworks, Turbo Fast, get nominated for a daytime Emmy. Vanessa Oxlad for writing and producing the TV show, WACLauren Ludwig, for selling her pilot, The Secrets of Mysteri Island to Vuguru. Clark Wylie for selling his pilot, Backward Rose. Laurie Knoll for selling her half-hour pitch for Born LosersCaroline Slaughter for selling the pilot she co-developed to FXMichelle Weilert for selling her untitled comedy pilot to CBS. Theresa Nuntz for selling a pilot to Amazon. Gary Lundy for selling his pilot to MGM. Cara Haycak for selling her drama pitch, Matched, to ABC Studios.

Alex David for selling his script, At Least It’s Not Kwanzaa, to DAZL Entertainment. Duncan Cook for optioning his feature script, Somewhere South, to Cobblestone Films. Nick Weiss for being hired to co-rewrite The Inbetweeners for Paramount. Pamela Kay for optioning her feature script, Nude and NakedD.L. Weddle, for selling her first-ever feature script, Moondance.  Katy Dore for optioning her feature script, That’s My BabyBonnie Koehler for optioning her feature script, Pinkie, to Larry Turman.

Melissa Johnson for having the film she wrote and co-directed, Love In The Time Of March Madness, premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. Kelly Winston for setting up two different feature pitches. Tanya Ruiz for selling her thriller script, Among Us. Mike Hasper for optioning his script, Native RunGreg Marshall for selling his feature script, The Nanny War. Amy Williams for optioning her script, Halo Theory, to Richard Kidd. Inna Fischlin for optioning her sci-fi psychological thriller, Mars-2. Jennifer Kelster for selling her first feature script, The Bounce Back Kid, to Storyworks. Michelle Wasserman for having her script, California Jane, produced.

RJ Greenblatt for being hired to co-write The Homeless GuyBerkley Brady for securing funding to direct the script she wrote, Blow OutJohn Schimke for finishing production on the film he wrote, Plan Perfect, and for being hired as a story producer for Mystery DinersGeetika Lizardi for being honored at the WGA for her outstanding comedy script, Sofa KingTracey OHalloran for winning the Best Script Award at the 2014 Cannes Corporate Media and TV awards. Evette Vargas for being selected into the WGA Screenwriters Showcase. Evette Vargas for having the web series she wrote, Dark Prophet, screen at the Sundance Film Festival.  Emmylou Diaz for being selected into the NHMC TV Writing Fellowship sponsored by NBC and ABC. Cynthia Furrey for having her work selected for the NBC New York Scene Showcase. Brian Rawlins for winning the Austin Film Festival Best Short Screenplay Award.

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