This workshop builds on the Professional Screenwriting and Television Writing Workshop, where participants learned how to write compelling scenes. Now it’s time to learn how to use the tools of Authentic Story Design, Visceral Stakes, Motivated Context, Targeted Escalations, Conflict Selection, High-Impact Pacing and Emotional Cohesion to write the strong professional-level sequences that are the essential building blocks of all well-structured screenplays and TV scripts.


In this intensive eight-week workshop, we will analyze successful sequences, complete weekly writing assignments, and review participants’ work in a supportive yet challenging environment. Participants will learn the tools necessary to conceive, write, and edit professional caliber sequences and extended conflicts essential for any successful screenplay or TV script.

Additionally, since the structural mistakes writers make in writing, evaluating and rewriting their sequences are the exact same mistakes they make in their screenplays or TV scripts, this workshop will allow participants to move down their learning curves at an accelerated rate.


$595. Participants may pay by check or credit card.


The Advanced Screenwriting and Television Writing Workshop is offered online using multi-video conference technology allowing participants to see and hear each other in real time. Writers have attended this workshop from across the US, Europe, Australia, Canada, and South Africa.

For writers living in Los Angeles, the Workshop is offered at The Writers Junction, located at 1001 Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica.


Students must have successfully completed the Professional Screenwriting and Television Writing Workshop to attend. If you wish to enroll or have questions, please contact Kathryn Stanley at [email protected].


Talton Wingate is an award-winning writer and professional screenwriter. He was honored for his first script Norman, named one of the “Top 10 Scripts of 2005,” alongside other screenwriting luminaries that year such as Aaron Sorkin (with Charlie Wilson’s War), Diablo Cody (with Juno), and David Benioff (with The Kite-Runner). Norman was released in 2011 as a feature film starring Richard Jenkins, Dan Byrd, Emily Van Camp and Adam Goldberg.

Talton has experience with all aspects of the business from selling specs, adapting original properties, rewriting and pitching. He has also been featured in scr(i)pt magazine. Talton is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Film Program and Creative Writing Program, where he was awarded Best Fiction Writer of 2003. He hails from Atlanta and currently resides in Los Angeles.