I would like to congratulate some of my current and past students for their 2014 successes:

Jordan Hirsch for being staffed on Treme. Vera Santamaria for getting hired onto NBC’s OutsourcedDoug Slocum for getting hired onto Entourage. Keith Schreier for getting hired onto CW’s HellcatsNick Weiss for being hired to produce MTV’s The Buried LifePaul Makkos for selling his pilot, LA WomanSamantha Sharp for selling her pitch, Breaking PointGary Lundy for writing an untitled TV pilot for Scott Stubor Pictures and for having his script, The Boy Who Couldn’t Fly, included on the industry’s prestigious Young and Hungry list. Michelle Lewis for selling her first pilot, Anyone’s GuessJoseph Ferrante for optioning his TV pilot, Shacho, to Verite Films.

Joy Goodwin for having Morgan Freeman attached to her script, Intruder in the Dust. Benjamin Hayes for selling the script he co-wrote, Milo, to New Artist Alliance with Community’s Gillian Jacobs attached to star. Julie Lynch for having her script, A Dark Plan, produced with Kelly Lynch and Michael Nouri starring. Wayne Smith for selling his feature script, Off Duty, to Paramount. Amy Williams for being hired to write Boys of SummerJonathon Gauss for being hired to write Life on Arrival for 44 Films. Meredith Gordon-Hochberg for being hired to write The Fact Checker. Alice Hunter for being hired to write the screenplay, BlessedTamara Carter for being hired to write The King’s Daughter for Mural 7 Films. Alec Schwimmer for optioning his feature spec, Reaching Betty to Dark Factory. Amy Taylor for being hired to write The Armageddon Virus for Author’s Solutions and Little Miracles for Cinema Revival.

Sandra Hodge for being hired to rewrite Freddy’s Fabulous Foods for Paul Rodriquez. Elsa Orthon for being hired to adapt The CovenantGlenn Kiser for having the film he wrote and directed, Sabbatical, premiere at the Hamburg Film Festival. Daniele Anastasion for having her film, The Redemption of General Butt Naked, be nominated for a Spirit Award. Bruce Blumburg for winning the Spirit of Independents award at the Fort Lauderdale Festival.

Geetika Lizardi for being accepted into the 2013 WGAW Writer Access Project. Cynthia Furrey for having her work selected for the NBC New York Scene Showcase. Laura Ngaya for optioning her feature script, Lost Signal, to Richard Marks. Michele Schultz for winning the Best Screenplay award at the United Film Festival for her feature comedy, Waking the DeadMaria Cozzi for having her script, Fin Chaser, win the Woods Hole Best Screenplay award. Sandra Hodge for having her play, Daddy’s Maybe, be accepted into the DC Black Theater Festival. Bruce Blumberg for having his film, This is Lipstick, accepted into the L.A. Shorts Festival. 

Michael Perri for being accepted into the NHMC Television Writing ProgramTamara Carter for having her script, Sins of the Father, win the UCLA Showcase Script Competition. Alain Cloaric for winning the Diamond Award at the California Film Awards for his script, The Golden RamJohn Schimke for having his script, Up There With Pie, nominated for Best Screenplay by the 168 project. Morgan Drmaj for placing in the first round of Creative Screenwriting’s Scene Challenge. Stephen Koenig for winning the Creative Screenwriting Comedy Genre awardGreg Neri for publishing Chess Rumble and winning a Fulbright award.